International Conference on “Perovskite Society of India Meetup, 2023” (PSIM 2023)

Date: March 1-3, 2023

Venue: IIT Roorkee

Growing energy demand has made researchers all over the world to look for efficient and inexpensive materials for solar energy conversion. In the last decade lead (Pb) based perovskites solar cells (PSCs) have emerged as a serious contender to silicon-based devices.  They also provide fascinating opportunities for fundamental studies. The aim of this conference is to provide a platform to interact and stimulate advancements in perovskite semiconductor based energy research both at lab and industry level. This conference will be designed to cover the three major research topics in the field of perovskite research including materials, devices and photophysics. Several researchers working on thin film photovoltaics, scientists from funding agencies including DST, CSIR, MNRE and other ministries and industry partners will attend this event.

18×24 inch giclée print on heavyweight matte paper.