Principal Investigator

Prof. Soumitra Satapathi

Prof. Soumitra Satapathi is an Associate Professor of Physics and Joint Professor of Nanotechnology in Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. He has joined IIT Roorkee in 2014. He has received his PhD and M.S in Physics and Applied Physics from University of Massachusetts, USA. In IIT Roorkee, his research group is actively indulged in the fundamental understanding and transnational applications of various functional materials using steady state and transient spectroscopy. This includes perovskite based solar cell, LED, photodetector etc and microfludics based lab-on-a chip device. Dr. Satapathi is a TedX speaker. Actively engaged in the scientific development of the society, Prof. Satapathi is the recipient of various national and international awards.



Phone: +91-1332-284819